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Risser’s Poultry 2018 Renovation In Lancaster County

Risser’s Poultry 2018 Renovation In Lancaster County

Commercial Renovation in Lititz, PA

Are you looking for commercial builders in Lancaster county? Then Hoover Buildings is your solution! Today, we are highlighting a 2018 project on Risser’s Poultry in Lititz, PA. Risser’s Poultry is a small family business that supplies chickens and other poultry products to the DC, Baltimore, and Philadelphia areas. Risser’s came to us looking for a renovation of an old storage building into an office and shop area. They were looking for durable, clean, and sustainable construction to host their products and meet with potential clients.

As you can see, we provided them with a modern steel design that is a hit with workers and current clients. Here at Hoover Buildings, we can transform the oldest of steel and commercial buildings into a modern and clean working space for a variety of needs. If you are looking for steel building remodeling or any commercial renovation, please contact us!

Risser Poultry Project Specs and Details

This building was remodeled in 2018 with grey siding and trim in Lititz, PA. This large building stands at 12,000 sq feet, and we were able to renovate it with ease. We added a small office to the front of this steel building for current and future clients to have their answers addressed with ease. This also provides a space for current employees to be close to all parts of Risser’s Poultry business, from poultry transport to poultry storage. We also went in and cleaned up the design inside the actual storage facilities by updating the cement flooring, reinforcing the steel beams in the ceilings, and providing a clean, white design backdrop. Want a building similar to this? Click on the button below!



  • Year: 2018
  • Building Size: Under 12,000 sq/f
  • Siding Color: Grey
  • Trim Color: Grey
  • Building Type: Remodel
  • County: Lancaster County
  • Address: 12 Wynfield Drive, Lititz, PA 17543

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  • completed Risser Poultry steel building in lancaster county
  • photo of risser poultry before renovation
  • risser poultry post renovation steel building and storage facility photo
  • interior shot of completed risser poultry storage garage
  • interior shot of commercial building projects interior garage design
  • interior shot of risser poultry steel roof and cement flooring storage garage
  • close up view of risser poultry entrance doors
  • interior shot of risser poultry break room with fridge and cement floors