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Rockhill Contractor Services Pre-Engineered Steel Building in Bucks County

Rockhill Contractor Services Pre-Engineered Steel Building in Bucks County

Pre-Engineered Steel Building in Telford, PA

Are you looking to add space to your current business or create a new building from scratch? We got you covered! In 2018, Rockhill Contractor Services in Bucks County approached us about constructing a steel storage building for them. Rockhill Contractor Services is a home and office moving company that wanted to offer clean and spacious storage spaces to their clients. By working with us on their building design from the beginning, we were able to create the steel structure based on their sizing needs and the building supplies they wanted to use. They worked side by side with us through the whole process, both before we had laid the foundation and after. If you want a commercial building company that will let you be involved through the entire process, contact us today!

Rockhill Contractors Services Building Specs

This 2018 steel building is 27′-4″wide x 206′-8″ long x 12′ high. This is a pre-engineered steel building, which means that most of the building supplies were created in a factory and then shipped to us to create the building and foundation from scratch. The siding is a clean white which is complemented by the gray trim. Want a building that looks like this or similar? Then click on the button below!

  • Year: 2018
  • Building Size: Under 12,000 sq/f
  • Siding Color: White
  • Trim Color: Grey
  • Building Type: Commercial/Industrial
  • County: Bucks County
  • Address: 3240 Meetinghouse Road, Telford, PA 18969

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  • long steel building with storage/ garage doors
  • aerial view of completed steel storage building
  • aerial shot of metal roofing on commercial steel building
  • close up of white garage/storage doors on a steel building
  • side view of half stone half steel storage building
  • aerial shot of completed long steel building and paved parking lot
  • close up of end of steel building with bathrooms and stone siding
  • interior of completed steel and stone sided storage garage
  • interior shot of back of half steel half stone sided storage facility
  • interior shot of completed white bathroom with marble floors